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Discipleship Texts 2018

Now anyone and everyone who can receive text messages can join the WVBC Disciple 18 text group and enjoy a year’s worth of encouragement, study, thought and reflection texts sent right to your phone!

WVBC Disciple 18 is sponsored by the Discipleship Ministries Commission of the West Virginia Baptist Convention.  Texts will arrive once a week and will continue until December 31, 2018.  The texts are designed to cause you to pause for a few minutes and contemplate the message and its implications in your day, week or month.  Appropriate for all ages.  Children and youth who are receiving texts can receive messages to help with spiritual growth and maturity.  College students can enjoy and learn from leaders in the Christian faith.

Enjoy a positive, life-affirming, God-challenging message each week!

Sign up today and encourage your friends to join too!

Discipleship Texts registration form available here.

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