Faith in the Workplace – 2018

By September 14, 2017Announcement, Education

The Discipleship Commission is excited to announce the 2018 theme of Faith in the Workplace.  Individuals and local churches are encouraged to join the movement!  Let’s make this a year of impact in our workplaces, wherever they are!  The West Virginia Baptist Convention is partnering with WorkLife to bring you the best and most practical materials for use in local churches, workplaces, businesses and at home.  Work can be worship and your ministry in the world. Register for Discipleship Texts and for your subscription to the West Virginia Baptist Convention WorkLife SwitchTool below.

  • Discipleship Texts 2018: A year’s worth of encouragement, study, thought and reflection texts sent right to your phone!  Join the Discipleship Texts 2018 group, sponsored by the Discipleship Ministries Commission of the West Virginia Baptist Convention.  Texts will arrive once a week and will continue until December 31, 2018.

Discipleship Texts registration form available here.


  • West Virginia Baptist Convention WorkLife Switch TOOL: This is a self-directed, web-based system that helps your people target and overcome the ever changing issues that cause most of us to switch God off at work.  This tool acts as a workweek companion for all people, with powerful video clips, devotionals and quick use tools that pack a powerful punch in a way that is easy to access.  Videos, materials for study and other resources are delivered to your e-mail twice a week.  WorkLife and the West Virginia Baptist Convention are partnering to give you this free yearlong subscription.  Register by clicking on the link below.

Please click here for the WorkLife Swtich Tool registration form.

For more information, contact Lisa Simmons, director of Discipleship at or 304.273.9693.

  • Suggestions for using WorkLife in your church are located here.

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