Adult Discipleship: Faith in the Workplace Emphasis 2018

By September 14, 2017Announcement, Education

Come and join the movement!  There is no reason to be a spectator!  Everyone can be a participant in the 2018 Discipleship emphasis: Faith in the Workplace.  The theme begins January 1, 2018 and now is the time to prepare.

The Discipleship Commission invites everyone to join in the study, the emphasis and movement that will equip workers (in whatever area you work) with tools to grow in Christ in the workplace, make a difference in the workplace and reflect Christ in the workplace by understanding work as worship.

Churches will benefit in joining the movement too.  Research has shown regular, intentional attention to workers (which is just about everyone in the church) can help the church be relevant in work culture, increase volunteerism and giving, grow whole life discipleship, develop “home” missionaries as workers see their jobs as mission fields and increase attendance as the church cares about workers and their work.

Pastors have received information on how the church and its members can be participants in this movement via a packet of information, which included the book, Monday Morning Atheist: Why We Switch God Off at Work and How You Fix It.  Recommended materials are from WorkLife (  This organization is one of the premier organizations in the area of growing disciples through the workplace.  Materials available for use  include:

• The book, Monday Morning Atheist

• A six-week study for workers titled The Switch

• Six weekly encouragement texts (free sign-up)

• Online videos, stories, devotionals and more

• Thirty Thrive Guides, which can be downloaded and given out at church or read online

• A free one-year subscription for all participants to the WorkLife Switch Tool (weekly online resource)

• The Church WorkLife Guide (Biblical framework for work, first-hand experiences, why addressing work is important, best practices and ideas).  Churches are encouraged to make this a yearlong emphasis.

Materials from WorkLife can be used to customize a plan for each church.  Additionally, the Discipleship Commission is offering 52 weeks of discipleship texts, which will be sent to any individual who signs up.  These texts are encouraging, thought provoking and inspiring and will arrive once a week on your cell phone.  Please copy and share with your church, family and friends.

Let’s do something together to learn, grow and mature in our Christian journey.

For more information, contact Lisa Simmons, director of Discipleship at or 304.273.9693.


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