Donna Snyder

Mrs. Donna Snyder
Administrative Assistant, School of Christian Studies and the Christian Leadership Commission
800.879.9822 or 304-422-6449
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Donna has been with the convention since October 1999 (through Extras Temporary Service) and was officially hired in January 2000.  At the present time, she is administrative assistant of the School of Christian Studies and the Christian Leadership Commission.  She also formats the bi-monthly publication The West Virginia Baptist and also manages subscriptions for that publication.  Additionally, she manages the general database and prepares bulk mailings for delivery.  Donna and her husband, Mike, have been married since December 1996 and were married on the lucky day of Friday the 13th!  They reside in Harrisville, West Virginia and commute together daily.  Mike works at Matheny Motors in Mineral Wells and has been with them since November 1998.