The Commission on Christian Stewardship shall be responsible for promoting fund raising and deferred giving for Convention projects; for funding new church development; for oversight of the aided church program; for developing and raising the Convention’s share of the American Baptist Mission Budget and Institutional Support Process, in cooperation with the Division of World Mission Support; and for mission education, in cooperation with the Commission on Discipleship Ministries.

One Great Hour of Sharing Donations are needed for Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma  Please send your donations to WVBC PO Box 1019 Parkersburg mark your remittance form on line G or on your personal check in the memo line.

  • OGHS-Harvey       
  • OGHS-Irma

You can donate online@

We had more flooding in the Mannington Hundred area to date we have received $20,456 for OGHS-WV flood. The AB Men disaster relief team is working in Hundred this week.

Mission Matters

MM Fall 2017

WMC 2018 Promo  Travel with us by charter bus to the World Mission Conference 2018 July 3-9 Cost $800. Deposits of $200 due by January 15 to see if we have enough interest to charter a bus

Mountain State Mission Offering 2017     

Mountain State Mission Offering  2017 State Goal:$290,000                   Received as of September 6,2017 $187,151

100% of this offering supports the mission and ministries of the West Virginia Baptist Convention. Without your support, we could not empower and enable the local church to do together what they cannot do alone.

E-mail or call 304.422.6449 to order offering envelopes or colored bulletin inserts.

West Virginia Missionary Partners

  • Juan & Denise Aragon are fully funded and arrived in Mexico September 6 the day before the 8.0 magnitude Earthquake hit Chiapas, they are safe and were 600 miles away at the CICEM annual gathering with Keith & Debbie Myers.
  • J.D. and Rhonda Reed and family have returned to Cochabamba, Bolivia. They are living in Santa Cruz and also working at House of Hope in Santa Cruz.
  • Keith and Debbie Myers are in WV on home assignment staying at the mission house at Parchment Valley. If you want them to come to your church email Keith at
  • Debbie Mulneix is back in West Virginia, living in Philippi.  Contact her to come and visit your church in 2017.  Contact Lisa Simmons at 304.273.9693 to schedule Debbie’s visit.

Remember to support them directly through World Mission Offering.  For addresses or prayer cards call Joan at 304.422.6449.  For the latest journals and projects go to

Mission Giving Reports and Information

Our Mission Team

John Simmons: Associate Executive Minister, Missions and Administration; e-mail:
Lisa Simmons: Associate in Mission Support; e-mail:
Joan Hall: Administrative Assistant, Mission Support; e-mail:
Contact our Mission Team at 304.422.6449

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.